Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pizzeria Pompeii

I haven't posted travel pics in a while. Here's the continuation of my previous Pompeii post.
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Lunch at a pizzeria located near the Pompeii ruins was part of the package for our tour. Countless pizzeria are scattered around the city and it's hard to differentiate each

 (Spaghetti Al dente or soup for appetizer)
Finally got to try out authentic italian spaghetti. I still prefer to have my pasta cooked "Filipino style" (sweet) than the "Italian" one (dry and sour). This restaurant serves good meal at a fair price. Nothing so special about the dishes though. Not quite 5 stars, but still good nonetheless. 

 (Main dish) 

  Added some color to my lips before eating. (yep i know, how random.. but it took a while before our food got served) Since I only bought one bag with me, the camera took up most of the space and there was hardly any room left for my other stuff. These are the only things that could fit the small pocket in front. 

I'm not usually a fan of lip gloss, much less of shimmer lip gloss, since they tend to get sticky and look oily after a period of time, but i do use Krave's Moisturizing lip Shimmer in Strawberry Daiquiri. I like it since it absorbs quickly upon application and it doesn't leave any shimmer residue. The color is very wearable. It looks natural and would probably suit any skin tone. It kept my lips moisturized and the color didn't wear off easily even though I tend to lick my lips a lot.

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