Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cathay Pacific

I feel like I spent more time inside the plane/bus/train than actually exploring Europe. :| We experienced a series of unfortunate events at the very start of our vacation, including delayed and missed flights. Nonetheless, we managed to keep a positive disposition despite it all. Anyway, I think it's only necessary that I dedicate a blog entry about it, this is a food/travel blog after all. 

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Dinner from HKG-CDG

Breakfast from HKG-CDG

Late lunch from CDG-HKG

 Breakfast from CDG-HKG

I'm still pretty tired so I'll keep this entry short. The food was delicious - both dinner/breakfast & late lunch/breakfast (but not as great as home-cooked meals of course). 

Good Night!
~ patty lloren

P.S. Krave's Mist Spritz spray kept my face hydrated during the countless hours I spent inside the plane. It's better than the Evian facial spray and even costs cheaper. Not only that, it works as a setting make-up spray as well. This dual purpose spray has Rooibos Tea, White Tea and Green Tea that help even out skin tone, smoothen and brighten the face. 


  1. suman! :)) nice one kid

  2. Sarap! Business class, right? My mom works as an In-flight Service Manager at Cathay :) Enjoy!

    1. Sarap naman, she gets to travel for free. I like their business class better than JAL :)

  3. You look pretty comfortable there and the food looks yummy too.

  4. Wow! You're going places! I WANT to go to Europe someday! :)

    I followed you on Bloglovin. Follow back? :)

    Oh, and please visit my blog if you have time.

  5. your one pretty girl!:)

    followed you! check my blog as well.:)

  6. rarely do i hear people saying plane food as delicious, so this must really be delicious :P anyway, wish i can travel to europe someday!!! :)

  7. I do love to travel (too much that I put up a blog about it), but the "packing and getting there" part--forget it! But hope you had a jet-lag free trip.


    PS. I am honored to be your first follower here. Would love to here more of your travels.

  8. love your airport fashion, its so comfy and chic!