Thursday, April 5, 2012

Blast from the Past - April 2011

Managed to take a day off to get out of Strasbourg and went to a town called Heidelberg. Located in south-west Germany, this highly populated city lies in the valley in the Odenwald and is among the warmest regions there. 

We first visited the Rizal Ufer, a park dedicated to our very own Dr. Jose Rizal. Aside from the bronze Rizal shrine, the Neckar River and spring flowers could also be sighted which provides an incredible view. 
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In the house of Pastor Ullmer, Rizal wrote the last part of his novel, Noli me Tangere. 

The sun was high when we visited the famous Town Hall (Altstadt). Buildings with old architectures, quaint alleys and pastry shops could be seen as we walked by the cobblestone road. 

We got ourselves some gellato before heading to the Heidelberg bridge, which provided and excellent view of the river and Heidelberger Schloss (castle). It was built in the 18th century and was partly destroyed by lightning, although most of the castle ruins remain and some fragments of the towers are still intact.

p.s. it's been a year now since we were there! Happy Anniversary, France Ateneo Study Tour 2011! Tu me manques!

~patty lloren

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