Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Even Ugly Girls Can Have Sex at Will

My first text-heavy entry: Mo Twister

You might heard of him as the Philippine Genius made known by his downright rude attitude even in public radio. His outspokenness, while refreshing, hurts his image especially with the media scrutinizing his every move. Despite his reputation, I still think he makes sense, and his ability to articulate his thoughts without fear of being judged and criticized is somewhat impressive. His podcast kept me sane during those long hours inside the plane or bus whenever I travel. The episode with Carla Humphries as his guest would have to be my favorite. They do their usual routine, answering questions about love, sex, and relationships from their callers. And, as expected, his advice did not disappoint. Here's a preview:
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Mo Twister and Carla Humphries on Guy-Girl perception:

Carla Humphries: For all you girls out there it's all about the personality. You know guys find it sexually attractive if a girl has confidence. And it's all about the confidence, you can be..
Mo Twister:
C: Yes, definitely. Enter a room with..
C: If a girl that's so beautiful but she has no personality enters a room no one will look, but if a girl with personality who's not that physically attractive but she has sex appeal, a guy will be totally interested.
M: Okay, here's where you're wrong. And here's where I'll prove it,..
C: Excuse me, I'm not backing down, boy.
M: You are and you will, this is Ezekiel 3: 17. If a girl, goes to a bar and sees a guy strumming a guitar on stage, he could look like a car accident, you're gonna be like oh my god.. look how he commands the crowd. Look at the guy command the crowd.. You go "I'm attracted to this guy". If a girl is awesome on stage and she's ugly and she commands the crowd, we'll be like "Hey, she sings alright, that's what guys do. 
Dancing, for example, D.I.s. There's a couple that does the salsa really good, Oh f-ing salsa, f-ing sexy, All the girls would be "Oh my god, I want to be her.. I like him cause he's good at what he does. If the girl is ugly and she could be the best dance ing the f-ing country, I'll be looking at her saying "Eh, eh, mabilis... haba ng buhok oh"
C: No, no, I think you're speaking for yourself. You definitely, because.. honestly.. no, 
M: I'm sorry, there's no confidence, we're not looking for confidence. Listen, don't you watch National Geographic?
C: Yea?
M: The lions. Who are they killing? They're killing the wounded, the weak.. that's where they pounce. They're not looking for confident deer.. Oh, I'm a cheetah, I'm gonna go and kill the confident buffalo.. of course not. You go for the sick one. 
C: Ugh.. no. 
M: So.. so.. so.. If you are the one who gets hit on the most on you're beautiful little circle of friends there. It means you're the weak. Sorry.. just do the numbers. Just do the numbers.

You can download his old podcast episodes via itunes for free!


  1. "If you are the one who gets hit on the most on you're beautiful little circle of friends there. It means you're the weak."

    oh damn =)) this is so sad!

  2. I used to listen to Good Times every morning. USED TO since it gives me bad vibes. :)