Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ristorante Roma

A ristorante can probably be spotted in every corner in Rome. Everywhere you look fresh pasta, pastries or gelato in every flavor possible could be seen at the display window. It's hard to spot the difference between each of them. Besides the fact that most (if not all) are called Ristorante, they all offer similar menu items.

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 We were tired from sightseeing that day so we just ate at the nearest ristorante from our hotel. The host was very professional. He offered us an english menu and attended to our needs immediately. No four cheese pizza for us that night since we ordered that for dinner already three nights in a row.

 I expected the food to be a bit better. Other than the pasta and pizza, Italy is known for its fresh seafood but the fish that was served to us was stale and overcooked. You would think that the Italians know best how to do their dishes, but I've had better in other countries.

  The seafood pasta saved our dining experience that night. It was different in a good way, I couldn't exactly pinpoint what it is they added that made it special. The rest was just so-so.
Nonetheless, our bill came out to be 600 euros cheaper than our first dinner in the city(read here). Tourists should really beware of being ripped off. I suggest reading some reviews first before dining at an unfamiliar restaurant in a foreign country. 


  1. i think you didn't get the best quality of food cause you went to one of the tourist trap restos. those are the ones that are near hotels and have english menus meant to lure foreigners, despite second-rate food.

    love your photos though, you're lucky to have travelled everywhere! love your blog, keep it up!

    1. i know :( lesson learned. Thank you :)

  2. The cab driver Yuri and I got said that the best places are the ones without the English/multi-language menus! :))