Saturday, July 28, 2012

Case Craze

With the smartphone hype nowadays, it’s almost impossible to not see someone using either an android, a blackberry or an iphone. Probably the most desired, since the release of its first model back in 2007, is the Apple iphone. A revolutionary gadget that changed how mobile phones are perceived and had been the benchmark of smart phones ever since. Apple competitors are having a hard time keeping up with its sleek design, wide range of downloadable apps, and impressive camera. (though i must say there are close seconds :>)
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It is owned to make a personal style statement as well. Along with the launch of this phone came the numerous accessories available to complement its top-notch features. Iphone case designs are made available to fit one's personality and taste. Looking for cases that are both functional and trendy might be a challenge but finding one is necessary (unless you're willing to expose your gadget to dust and scratches). If you're wondering where to find decent, quality cases at affordable prices, here are some that could be found online: 

 1. Incase Bird's Nest Snap Case - I was easily drawn to this simple yet classic "woven look", letting your phone peak through while still keeping it protected from scratches. (For orders contact 0915 489 9155)

 2. SwitchEasy 3D Chateau case - My friend actually recommended this case. It comes in Mican, Turquiose, and White. Its avant garde 3D design reminded me so much of the castles in Europe. (For orders contact Warts for Weary Witches: click here)

3. Tory Burch replicas - On a budget? Still go for something trendy and durable yet light on the pocket. (For orders contact Serendipity: click here)

4. Marc Jacobs in Gold: I'm still waiting for this one to arrive. Authentic Marc Jacobs case with various designs to customize the plain appearance of your phone. I'm most especially drawn to its lightweight form and easy snap-on attachment. If you want your phone to be distinguished from the majority, then Marc Jacobs' designs are the perfect choice.  (For orders contact SophiaJ shop: click here)

5. Woven Case for Iphone: Bright neon colors for cases add an extra pop to your phone. Available in Blue, Baby Pink, Fuchsia Pink and Grey. For orders contact Vin and Cole Shop

6. Nouveau Art Cases- Elegant spiral cases that suit both black and white iphones. Snap to fit hard grip cover available in different colors. (For orders contact Vin and Cole Shop)

All are affordable and available in the Philippines. 


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  3. Pretty cases :) Everything suits you perfectly!