Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Being in Stacy's reminds me so much of Sonja's at the Fort. The pastel colored/50s theme made the place feel so homey! We arrived around 1pm and the place was relatively empty. The waitress immediately served us our appetizer while she patiently waited for us to order.

 Mouthwatering pastries were displayed beside the bar and near the cute pink fridge.
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The food ranges from all-day breakfast, desserts, rice meals, just name it. Witty names were given per dish alongside a short description. 

 The Funky Monkey's my staple order here. It never fails to satisfy my sweet tooth craving. My friend tried the cream dory which did not disappoint as well. 

 For dessert, there's a wide range of milkshakes, cakes, and ice cream flavors to chose from. We ordered this very choco cookie dough just to give it a shot.

A modern day diner suited for food lovers of any age.

Capitol Greenstreet, 1 Capitol Hills Drive, 1101


  1. I've always wanted to go here! Been hearing much about this place.

    Im having a 1950s themed party, and I think that this is a perfect peg!! :)


  2. very Martha Stewart-like interior. How they'll put up another branch in makati :))