Friday, April 13, 2012

Korea Garden

Took us around 2 hours to get to this restaurant which I heard serves really good Korean dishes. One of the premier Korean Restaurants here in the Philippines, the Korea Garden (or Secret Garden, as I call it) located in Jupiter street in Makati, has certainly stood the test of time. 
When we arrived, we were already starving that all we could think of was placing our orders and eating right away. Luckily, the banchan  (kimchi, radish, dried anchovies, togue) were served immediately followed by the Korean Beef Stew, which I think is one of their best sellers. 
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Chap Chae and Beef Bulgogi 

I liked every dish we ordered! :) Before we left, I noticed a plaque hanging by the door that read "#1 Korean Restaurant 2004". They really did live up to their title. I'm not usually a fan of Korean food since their dishes have a reputation of being hot & spicy, but this resto's surely an exception! 

 Rockwell after to grab some dessert from UCC.

128 Jupiter Street Bel-Air Village 2, Makati 02 896 4361