Friday, August 3, 2012

Burger Project

What can I say about this Burger heaven in Maginhawa? The first time my friends took me there I immediately loved it! I'm usually not the one who'd crave for burgers but theirs would be an exception.  Customized burger was a great theme, wherein you'll be able to adjust the add-ons, buns, meat and sauce according to your preference. They also have the tofu and vegetarian burger for those prefer to eat healthy.
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 The Burger Project is located in near UP Teacher's village: an accessible location for students to hang out in. My usual order would be the Chicken Burger with three cheese (Blue, Gruyere, and Mozzarella) with veggies and Teriyaki Sauce. Just to try something different, I ordered the 100% angus beef burger with Mozzarella cheese, Teriyaki sauce, lettuce and tomatoes.
 The Good Old Choc'lit milkshake was the perfect match to my burger. The sweetness of the shake counterbalances the saltiness of the sauce. I ordered a side of fries as well but didn't like it as much. I like my fries soggy(i know :|) and not spicy. 
I would definitely recommend this joint to my burger-lover friends. The only problem with this place is the lack of parking space. They should really do something about that.
122 Maginhawa St., Teachers Village

Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Phone Number

(+63 2) 351-7474, (+63 915) 520-2266