Monday, August 13, 2012

Bistro Filipino

My newest entry after being idle for 10 days: Two of the best Filipino restos are located at the Fort: Cafe Juanita and Bistro Filipino. I've heard of Chef Laudico before so I was ecstatic when I heard he opened a restaurant in Fort Bonifacio. The Bistro Filipino is an unconventional restaurant that recreates traditional home-cooked Filipino food, turning them into world class dishes!
The main dish was the highlight of the night. A 200g Wagyu Prime Cut Steak with a special sauce and sweet potato croquette. Just reading about it from the menu made me crave. 
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 The appetizer was light but filling. We had the Lumpia cone which was one of their best selling pica-picas. I was expecting to be served with the traditional Lumpiang ubod but instead we had this Lumpia with smoked etag pork, ubod then topped with chilled spicy vinegar granite. 
We also had the organic grilled chicken: Half free range chicken marinated in annatto lemongrass sauce and topped with organic vegetables. I'm so glad I skipped lunch for this. 
Trio of Desserts so we could sample three from the menu. Immediately, we picked the molten chocolate then decided to try the Yema balls with chocolate dip and Suman and Panna Cotta Savarin (which is just a fancy term for sticky rice). The dessert here was without a doubt one of the best I've had. 
 The chef personally approached the customers to ask some feedback about their food. I have nothing but praise for this restaurant. Everything from the appetizer to the dessert menu was well cooked and and tasted amazing!

Photobooth to cap off the night, thank you trusty camera phone.

G/F, Net 2 Building, 3rd Avenue, Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig


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