Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sweet Treats

Server was down for a few days.. which explains this (very) delayed post (in addition to the usual stalling). Anyway, here's a treat for the eyes and your taste buds! 
Customized candy at your disposal. Twisted candies: add a bit of a flair to your usual hard candy. Each design has their own distinct and original taste, texture, and color. Their flavors vary from mint to chocolate-y, you name it! They even do multiple flavors in one candy design, perfect for party favors and giveaways.
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These accessories came in the mail the same day I got my candies (10 packs+, I think), so I just decided to take a photo of these too. 
My favorite would have to be this white chocolate sushi candy! Isn't it just cute?
showing some school spirit with this rootbeer flavored treat! OBF! (also available in DLSU design)
To see more of their flavors and design, check out their facebook page (click here)
They're also opening a branch in a mall soon (WAIT FOR IT!) First customized hard candy in our country. 
More posts about them soon!

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