Friday, June 29, 2012

Rome x Vatican City

Haven't been posting in a while. I try to limit my entries to 15 per month, and none of those i-don't-know-what-to-blog-so-here's-a-photo-of-my-wall type. Although this is a personal blog, I try to post something with substance as much as possible. Anyway, here's my last entry before this month ends! 

How could you not fall in love with this place? With an overwhelming number of museums, sights and architectures, you'll never run out of places to visit. It's like a taking a trip in a time capsule, I was so amazed on how the Italians were able to preserve the city. 

This photo was taken early morning by the Fontana di Trevi made by Nicola Salvi in the 1700s. I was able to throw in a coin and make a wish, of course. That's one thing off my bucketlist.
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 That same day, i crossed off another country in my "places to visit" list. The Vatican City, despite its size, is a separate sovereign state. We were able to dodge the long line cause of our tour. Lucky for us, the tour guide was an engrossing storyteller, and was full of interesting facts unlike the one we had in Pompeii. I had no hopes of seeing the pope, but I did see his the pathway that led to his chamber. 

I was so humbled to be inside one of the holiest sites in the world. The Basilica was just breathtaking, probably the most beautiful church I've visited.
 No photos inside the Sistine since it's prohibited to help preserve the paintings.

The Colosseum was another attraction situated in old Rome. Looking at it from the outside, I would imagine gladiators and animals fight while hundred of spectators watched. The structure itself was pretty impressive, especially when I think of how they were able to build a stadium that huge without the help of modern machinery. 

We managed to pass by the Spanish Steps, known as the widest staircase in Europe. I remember seeing a photo of Audrey Hepburn here eating a gelato.

Before having dinner, I decided to visit the Trevi again since it was right in beside our hotel anyway. It's even lovelier at night with all its lights turned on.

In days I don't feel like wearing makeup, I make sure I still wash my face thoroughly to avoid breakouts. I think I finished my entire bottle of Krave's Cupine Aloepa. Check it out here.


  1. I love Trevi de Fontana!

  2. Fontana di Trevi:) My fav place in Rome.

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