Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hairworks by Liz de Asis

Liz and I met a year ago and since then, our definition of “hanging out” involves a cam, make-up, and pigging out (of course). She has a passion for the arts, from painting, photography, Hairstyling,.. just name it. Spending time with her somehow made me question where my passion truly lies. I couldn’t be more thankful to that common friend who introduced us that day.

These photos were taked for her hair blog taken around 5 months ago: http://themaneidea.tumblr.com

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~ patty lloren


  1. hi:). you have a very nice hair color:) and pretty as well too. what kind of hair color do you use?:)

  2. how do you curl your hair? it's so beautiful!